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A Talk with Mathieu

I posted online that I generally got to work on things that were a lot like what I’d do anyway in my off-time, with only fairly small differences. He wanted to know more about that. I told him that Twitter was terrible for that kind of thing, but I’d be happy to jump on a Zoom call…

Free Rebuilding Rails Video Chapters

Rebuilding Rails, like a lot of products, has multiple levels (“tiers.”) At the lowest level is the ebook and the first two video chapters. The next level, the Framework Engineer package, is the ebook and a six-chapter video workshop on building an MVC framework. And the Full package is the ebook...

The Urban Legend of the 10X Developer


You’ll often hear folks claim that it’s well-researched that some developers are ten times (or twenty-seven times! Or more!) as productive as the median developer. They often refer these gifted folks as “10x developers.”

The “well-researched” part is garbage. Completely wrong. There are some studies...

What Do They Mean When They Ask if Rails is Dead?

I’m sure you’ve seen many articles asking, “is Rails dead?” and “is Ruby dead?”… Indeed, you’ll see them for any technology old enough to have a real userbase, even technologies that are still growing.

I’m not here today to answer whether Ruby or Rails is dead. Instead, I’m here to explain why people...

How to Encourage a Blogging Culture at your Company


A few months ago, a CTO at a conference asked me, “how do you encourage a blogging culture at your company?” I’m a reasonable fellow to ask. Not only have I written a huge amount for AppFolio’s engineering blog and encouraged other AppFolio engineers to do so, I also did something similar at OnLive with even more success. By “more success” I don’t mean the blog was more popular (it wasn’t,) but that about half the posts were written by engineers other than me, which is the hard part. Writing a lot is all well and good. Getting other people to write a lot is an accomplishment.

The hard part isn’t getting a few posts started. The hard part is blogging with any regularity. And it is hard. But there are some things you can do to make it easier.

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